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1999 is the year Star Wars returned to our lives. With it came Darth Maul, a new face of evil. Being Star Wars fans, we can't help but be incredibly excited about The Phantom Menace and the promise of 2 more prequels to follow. Hundreds of new websites are springing up and old dusty Star Wars websites are getting revived and given a fresh coat of prequel news, photos and content. You can get lost out there!

Darth Maul Approves is an attempt to sort through all the "I really like Star Wars" sites to give the casual surfer a guide to sites that are above average. Either in Star Wars news, an interesting gimmick, accumulation of graphics, or anything that takes a website beyond ordinary. Darth Maul Approves is run by the good people at who are true Star Wars fans and are happy to join in the celebration!




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